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  1. What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

  2. Can you tell me why Catholics are not considered Christians? What are the important differences?

  3. Who wrote the Bible?

  4. Why does the word Selah appear so often in the Psalms and what does it mean?

  5. Are we saved by making a choice of our own freewill, or does God choose those who will be saved ahead of time?

  6. Do People Become Angels After They Die?

  7. Does God Really Care Who I Marry?

  8. Did God really say He would never give us more than we can bear?

  9. How does God want us to look at the past?

  10. What Does the Bible Say About Living Together Before Marriage?

  11. Who decided which order the books of the Bible should be in and are they in the proper order?

  12. What does God's Word say about divorce because of an abusive situation, and remarriage after that?

  13. Will believers return to earth during the Millennial Kingdom (Jesus' 1000 year reign)?

  14. What happens when people die?

  15. If a person takes their own life are they condemned to hell or will they be permitted to enter into heaven?

  16. Were the authors of the Old Testament inspired by the Holy Spirit? If so, does that mean the Holy Spirit came to live in humans long before Jesus' crucifixion?

  17. When a person willingly and knowingly sins thereby committing a transgression, does God punish or discipline them or does he simply allow them to bear the natural consequences that sin causes in a persons life? And is there a difference between God's punishment and God's discipline?

  18. Is there anything in God's Word forbidding a believer to get a tattoo?

  19. What does the Bible say about Homosexuality?

  20. Why don't Christians keep the Sabbath regulations as they were handed down in the Old Testament?

  21. Recently had a Prayer Positions Chart emailed to me and was surprised at how many there were. Does the Bible mention Prayer Positions?

  22. What does the Bible say about holding grudges and staying angry toward a person who did you wrong?

  23. Can a person be saved and not receive the Holy Spirit?

  24. Can a Christian lose their salvation?

  25. At what age can a person accept Christ? Is there an age that is truly too young to do so?

  26. Is the Rapture biblical?

  27. Are Dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

  28. Do our pets go to heaven?

  29. Should someone tithe on an inheritance?

  30. Where are we in the events of the Last Days?

  31. Is it appropriate for Christians to partipate in Halloween?

  32. At what point in history did the Sabbath change from Saturday to Sunday?

  33. In the millennial kingdom, animal sacrifices will start again at the new temple there, from what I understand. Why is that?

  34. What does it mean that God created man in His own image?

  35. How should a new Christian interact with their friends who are unsaved, especially unmarried friends of the opposite sex?

  36. How do we reconcile the message of Ezekiel 18 which says a son is not punished for his father's sins, with Exodus 34:7 which speaks of God "punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation"?

  37. What can we say to someone who says that the Bible contradicts itself? For example, doesn't the prohibition against committing murder contradict the many people in the Bible who were put to death at God's command?

  38. Where does the doctrine "the age of acknowledgement or understanding" originate from and is there any reference to age in the bible?

  39. Are Chakras real?

  40. What might be the best version of the bible to use with elementary age children?

  41. I was listening to your study on the book of Ezekiel chapter 18 and I was wondering if you could clarify on the matter of generational curses. You said that each man will be judged only on their sin and not on that of their fathers, but how then can you explain the following: Numbers 14:18 and Exodus 20:5?

  42. What is the deal with the "other" 7 books of the Bible according to Catholics?

  43. Because Jesus was tempted, we know that being tempted is not a sin in itself. But Jesus said if you look at someone in lust, it is committing adultery, which is sin. Since both are in the mind and not an action, how do you distinguish between being tempted and lusting?

  44. If God made everything why did he make bad things? For example: diseases.

  45. Since we are born sinners, and since being gay is a sin, would be accurate to assume someone could be born gay? How can we biblically defend against that idea if it is false?

  46. Do you have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to have the power of the Holy Spirit?

  47. Is it known for sure if the Apostle Paul was ever married? If so, what happened to his wife?

  48. In the book of Mark (12:25) Christ said when we rise from the dead we are like angels in heaven. I am confused with this verse. Could you please help?

  49. How would or should you give or take Communion?

  50. Will someone go to heaven after accepting Jesus Christ into their heart if they’ve never repented and continue to live in sin?

  51. What are the main differences between the views of Calvary Chapel and of the Baptist denomination? I have researched and found little to none.

  52. I am a person who is considered very strong in The Lord by those around me. I know I am going to heaven and I know that God can and has done great things through me but I have struggled with a powerful sin in my life for nine years. I have dealt with others like it but God has faithfully defeated them for me. This sin on the other hand has survived like a plague. For the first time in my life I feel like my own weakness and addiction has nullified the power of the cross to help me. I know that sounds like some kind of ill-informed misconception but I have begged and pleaded God to take this from me for years but yet I still fail Him like a hypocrite. How can I defeat this biblically that I may more faithfully serve God in my life?

  53. What does “appeaseth strife” mean in Proverbs 15:18?

  54. Are the 6 days of Creation mentioned in Genesis literal 24 hour days?

  55. Why do some Christians decide not to take Genesis literally?

  56. Is it wrong to use bread made with yeast in Communion?

  57. What do you say to someone who claims they have no need for a "man-made institution" like the Church?

  58. How to respond to a husband who is sinning and won't admit it!

  59. Why were concubines allowed in Old Testament times?

  60. A Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality

  61. Does the Bible give any indication on how old the Earth really is or when creation began? Everything we see today on television documentaries and learn in science class suggests the Earth is millions or billions of years old.

  62. Living together, divorce and sexual immorality! What to do?

  63. Can we talk to loved ones who are departed?

  64. Is going to the doctor and taking medicine rejecting God?

  65. How do I know if I've been baptized by the Spirit?

  66. Women Pastors...is it biblical?

  67. Is there reason to believe that Jesus never actually drank fermented wine but only grape juice?

  68. What do you do when you realize you're married to an unbeliever?

  69. Did Jesus ever get sick?

  70. Are some people predestined for hell?

  71. What does it mean to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength?

  72. Does the Bible permit Christians to go outside the established political process to change or overthrow their government?

  73. How is it possible that our prayers can influence God?

  74. What are your thoughts about hypnosis and weight loss? I have several Christian friends using it.

  75. What does the picture of the bird flying downward symbolize for Calvary Chapel?

  76. Do (Protestant) Christians participate in fasting during lent, or is this something that only Catholics participate in?

  77. Is there reason to believe that Jesus never actually drank fermented wine but only grape juice?

  78. How do we know which version of the bible we should use?

  79. What does it mean to take God's name in vain?

  80. Will all Israel be saved in the last days...or just a remnant?

  81. Did Jesus really descend into Hell?

  82. Can I Oppose God's Will Through Prayer?

  83. What do I do when my Christian brother or sister says they forgive me but I just don't see it?

  84. If Jesus is equal to God then why does He pray to God?

  85. What's the deal with Lent?

  86. My 11 year old tells me he can't seem to get past animals being sacrificed

  87. What do you do when you need to make decisions but have no leading from the Lord?

  88. A Friend who wants to be a faith healer

  89. How can I find the area in which God wants me to serve?

  90. What is the biblical stance on situations like the Christian bakery refusing to provide a cake for a lesbian wedding?

  91. If a born again Christian turns his or her back on God, does He take back His Spirit?

  92. What about cremation for a believer?

  93. Who are the 144,000?

  94. Why does Jesus teach us to pray "lead us not into temptation?"

  95. Does the Bible tell us to confess our sins to everyone?

  96. Will we have to live through wars, famine and world destruction before the Rapture takes place?

  97. Does the Bible tell us to confess our sins to everyone?

  98. Why does Jesus teach us to pray "lead us not into temptation?"

  99. Who are the 144,000?

  100. Why does Jesus teach us to pray "lead us not into temptation?"

  101. Is celebrating Christmas a sin?

  102. What do you do when you realize you're married to an unbeliever?

  103. Is it wrong for a Christian couple to live together without being married?

  104. What is the best thing to do in a Christian marriage when one spouse wants to tithe but the other doesn't?

  105. Are there verses that show that water baptism is not required for salvation?

  106. Was Jesus the only One to ascend into heaven?

  107. Do the dietary laws in Leviticus 11 still apply to believers today?

  108. Can you tell me what the church's views are on Conspiracy Theories?

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