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Where are we in the events of the Last Days?

We are living right now in what we call the Church Age. This is the final age prior to Christ's return. It began when the Holy Spirit fell upon the Church as recorded in Acts chapter 2, and will continue until Christ returns for His bride. That event, which we call the Rapture, will usher in the 70th Week of Daniel's prophecy concerning God's dealings with Israel. That 70th week will last seven years, and is the time period we refer to as the Great Tribulation.

Since we know we are in the Church Age, and that this is the final Age before Christ returns for His Church, we need to determine what signs are happening today that might give us a sense of how close we are to seeing the conclusion of this Age.

Jesus taught about age-long signs (signs that would go on for the entire Church Age) and age-end signs (those which occur just prior to His return). These are signs that would specifically tell us that we are near the final time--although we can never be absolutely certain of the day or the hour. (See Matthew 25:13).

Age-long signs include false Christs, wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, famine, etc. These are discussed in Matthew chapter 24.

Age-end signs include increased persecution, hatred of Christians, a falling away of half-hearted Christians, a rise in false prophets, and an increase of lawlessness and self-centeredness. (See Matthew 24:9-13 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5) We could also mention the rebirth of Israel, a one world economy, the increase of knowledge and travel, and the alignment of anti-Semitic nations as Age-end signs.

To some degree these things have been present through the course of church history, but Jesus indicates an intensification toward the end of the Age.

So, where are we in end times? We appear to be somewhere in the middle of the Age-end signs. That being said, it is entirely possible for an escalation of last-days events to occur in such a way that the return of Christ could come about very rapidly. Stay tuned!

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