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Media Message Teacher Date
Watch Listen Repairing Our Broken Relationship with God (Psalm 32) Paul LeBoutillier April 30, 2017
Watch Listen Why We Struggle Getting Close to God (Psalm 131) Paul LeBoutillier April 23, 2017
Watch Listen Crucified with Christ (A New Years Message) Paul LeBoutillier January 1, 2017
Watch Listen Seeing My Life Through God's Eyes (Based on Psalm 73) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Christ the Servant (John 13) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Benefits of the Cross - Justification Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Shedding Weight in the New Year (It's not what you think!) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen "God With Us" (The Deity of Jesus) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen The REAL Christmas (Not the Hollywood Version) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Praying the Lord's Prayer Paul LeBoutillier 2-2-2014
Watch Listen Leadership in the New Testament Church Paul LeBoutillier 9-27-2015
Watch Listen The Biblical Definition of Marriage (Gen 2 and Eph 5) Paul LeBoutillier 6-28-2015
Watch Listen The Great Apostasy Paul LeBoutillier 5-17-2015
Watch Listen The Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians 11) Paul LeBoutillier 12-7-2014
Watch Listen Jesus - Fully Human (Hebrews 4:14 Part 2) Tom Velasco 9-7-2014
Watch Listen Take and Eat (Hebrews 4:14 Part 1) Tom Velasco 8-31-2014
Watch Listen Update on Israel Pastor Paul/ Jeremy 8-10-2014
Watch Listen The Longing Heart (Ecclesiastes) Tom Velasco 8-3-2014
Watch Listen Dealing with Doubt Paul LeBoutillier 5-25-2014
Watch Listen Confidence While We Wait on the Lord (Psalm 27) Paul LeBoutillier 4-23-2014
Watch Listen Water Baptism and the Resurrection Paul LeBoutillier 4-20-2014
Watch Listen Living in the Light of Christ's Return (1 Peter 4) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen The Prophecies of Palm Sunday Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Resurrection Tom Velasco 5-12-2013
Watch Listen The Kingdom of God Tom Velasco 5-19-2013
Watch Listen On the Throne of Your Heart Tom Velasco 5-26-2013
Watch Listen Listening to the Lord (from John 1) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Our Incomprehensible, Sovereign God (Rom.11) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Finishing Well Paul LeBoutillier 10-13-2013
Watch Listen Prophecies Surrounding the Second Coming Paul LeBoutillier 3-2-2014
Watch Listen Prioritizing our Lives (Lessons from Haggai) Tom Velasco 3-16-2014
Watch Listen The "I Am" Claims of Christ Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Hardness of Heart, Stubborness and Pride Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen God Our Father Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Forgiveness Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen How long, O Lord? Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Goodness and the Gospel (from Luke 18) Paul LeBoutillier  
Watch Listen Hearing God from Deuteronomy Paul LeBoutillier  

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